In the autumn of 2015  the Norwegian Finance Ministry (Finansdepartementet) and the Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetaten) decided that selected data from the Register of Shareholders (Aksjonærregisteret) pr. 31.12.2014 could be made publicly available.

The data in the web service is in its entirety provided by the Norwegian Tax Authorities (Skatteetaten). can neither add to or remove information from the registry. Only the tax authorities can do that based on the latest shareholder data (Aksjonærregisteroppgaven) submitted by the limited companies (aksjeselskapene). has however, as of April 7th 2016, blocked Google from indexing the database. Any names of private stock holders will soon disappear from Googles index.

The 2014-version of the registry was first laid out in full on the Association of Norwegian Editors´ website in September 2015: and later as a searchable service on after the Tax Administration sent us the data. In our service the register can not be downloaded in its entirety - only the results of searches done through the service.